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Who do you want to be your partner?

February 3, 2017

Who do you want to be your partner?

The word that is important here in connection with the Lord Jesus Christ is “fellowship.” The word is the Greek koinonia, and it is used by Paul again and again. It can mean a partnership, and I believe that is the way it is used here in this verse. This is without doubt one of the greatest privileges that is given to us. If you are in Christ, if you have come to Him and accepted Him as your Savior, then you are in partnership with Christ. He is willing to be our partner. Therefore this means an intimate relationship to Christ.

What does it mean, then, to be in partnership with the Lord Jesus? For one thing, it means that in business you own things together with Him. Everything that I own belongs to Jesus Christ. It belongs to Him as much as it does to me. Therefore, He is interested in what I own.

The marriage partnership means different things. It means having mutual interests. I’m in that kind of partnership with the Lord Jesus, too. Christ is interested in me and I am interested in Him. That carries it to a pretty high plane, you see. Also, we have a mutual devotion. His resources are mine, and mine are His. He doesn’t get very much, but He owns me. I have presented my body to Him. Now that answers quite a few questions for me about where I can go and what I can do. Do you see that our decisions are made on a higher plane than simply “Dare I do this?” or “Ought I do that?” We belong to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ belongs to us.

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